« RockingShare sponsors your Christmas » - Contest Rules


    • The contest "RockingShare sponsors your Christmas" rewards members of the RockingShare community with a gift card, based on the number of referrals validated during the game.

    • AMAZON gift cards with a value ranging from € 1 to € 100 maximum are in play; All participants for whom one of their referral has been validated will win 1 gift card.

    • The more members refer friends, the more they will see the amount of their gift cards increase; the maximum gain limit per person is 100 €;

    • Gift cards will be sent out on December 24th, Christmas Eve to allow members to choose a Christmas present of their choice on Amazon.

Key dates

    • Start date of the game: Monday, November 26

    • End date of the game: Sunday, December 23 at midnight

    • Winners Announced: Monday, December 24

    • Gift sent to participants: Monday, December 24th


    • All RockingShare community members (users of the RockingShare platform, whose registration is free) who have completed and validated their user account are eligible to enter the contest.

    • An individual may only use one "member" account of the RockingShare community to participate in the contest

    • The minimum age required to participate in the game is the age of the majority of the participant's country of residence (eg 18 years for France).

    • All referred members may, in turn, participate in the game, provided they meet the above conditions.

How to participate?

    • Participation is free

    • RockingShare community members must refer as many people as possible

    • The greater the number of validated referrals, the higher the associated gains

    • 1 referral is validated when the referred member has created and validated their profile on the RockingShare platform.


    • Prizes to be won are AMAZON Gift Cards

    • The value of AMAZON gift cards can vary from € 1 to € 100

    • The amount is determined by the number of referrals made by the member during the duration of the game

    • Only 1 gift card will be sent at the end of the game

Calculation of the gift cards

    • Each validated referral generates 1 € of gain to the member

    • For each validated referral, the winnings increase for the member.

    • Each time the member has made 5 referrals (registrations finalized by the corresponding users); the member will win a bonus of 5 €.

    • The maximum number of referrals for this contest is limited to 50.

    • Examples:

        ◦ 3 validated referrals: 3 €

        ◦ 5 validated referrals: 10 €

        ◦ 8 validated referrals: 13 €

        ◦ 26 validated referrals: 51 €

        ◦ 50 validated referrals: 100 €

    • The maximum amount to be won cannot exceed 100 € per member.

End of the game

    • The same day, an email will be sent

    • On Monday, December 24th, all referrals made during the game will be counted for each participating member.

    • The same day, an email will be sent to the participants with the AMAZON gift card whose amount will correspond to the number of validated referrals.


    • RockingShare reserves the right to cancel the participation of members whose behavior vis-à-vis the contest or other members would be against the interests of the company.

    • The maximum value to be won between the members is capped at 10 000 €.

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