How does it work? 

RockingShare is a social network which allow members to rent and offer services to their trusted network, while benefiting from exclusive offers. Members can access their friend's services as well as friends of friends' and RS partners. The objective is to allow everyone to make the most of the sharing economy in confidence. RS also offers its members incredible offers from its partners. Finally, thanks to the social network features, RS allow you to follow the news of the sharing economy.

Why use RS?

RS is THE sharing economy platform based on trust between its members. Our goal is to offer our members to connect with other members in order to rent or offer services with the lowest commission on the market. 

Is it free? 


Can I delete my account? 

Yes, just send us an email 

Where are my personal data stored? 

All your personal data are safe and stored on AWS (Amazon Web Services) 


Wall / Home page connectée

What is "News" (your wall)? 

In the news section, you will find notifications of activity on your network: New posts, ads, comments, status, etc. 

What is "Ads of my network"? 

This is where you will find all the ads posted by members of your network but also their direct connections. This is what we call the Circle of Trust. 

What is "news from our partners"? 

Our partners can publish news which are addressed to the community. They are for the vast majority players of the sharing economy but also partners which activity is beneficial to the community. This is separate to your main wall in order to avoid crowding it. 

Who can see what I post on my wall? 

Only your direct friends can see what you post. Your friends can comment your post, which then allow all their friends to see your post and their comments. 

What is "My Dashboard"? 

Your Dashboard is a summary of your activity on the RS platform. It allows you to quickly access all the features of the platform. 

Publishing ads 

Who can see my ads? 

Ads are only available to your friends and their friends. When you are contacted by a member of the community, you can see who is your common friend.

Can I publish as many ads as I want? 

Yes, members can create as many ads they want, as long as they respect the Terms of Use.

If i do not want to publish an Ad, can I still use the platform? 

Of course, RS is an open platform allowing members to use services offered by other members. However, RS is here to encourage people to make the most of the sharing economy so if you have a car or a home, feel free to offer it to other members! 

Searching for a service 

How does the "Service Finder" work? 

It's simple: choose a category and the location for your search. Results will appear in the following order: Ads from your trusted network (your friends and their friends), ads from the RS community, and finally ads from our trusted partners. 

How much does it cost to book a service? 

RS users always have the possibility to book services with zero commission. However, if you use one of our trusted partners' platform, fees may apply.

Is there a booking system? 

In the current version of the platform, all transactions are done privately between users, via the messaging service.

Can I pay online? 

In the current version, online payment isn't available yet. 

My Ads

Manage my Ads 

In this section, you can manage your Ads: 

  • Create new Ads
  • Edit or delete Ads
  • Link Ads to external platforms 

How can I book a service? 

Once you have selected the Ad which is of interest, you can send a request to the member offering this service via the messaging service. 

My Friends 

How can I find new friends? 

There are different ways to find new friends: 

  • Automatic suggestions from RS "People you may know"
  • By looking them up using their first name, last name or email address 
  • By inviting your friends, which will also win your points! 

Can I stop being friend with someone? 

Of course, you can stop being friend with anyone and RS will not suggest them as new friends. You will keep all existing messages and you might however still be part of their trusted network through friends you have in common. 


How long are the messages kept for? 

Messages are kept on our system with no time limit. RS has the right to archive messages for performance management. 

Can I delete messages? 

Messages can be deleted from your history, however they would still be visible by other members who were part of the discussion. 

Other features 

How can I stay informed about what is happening on the platform? 

RS uses a notification system linked to your activity on the platform and interactions between members: Comments, friend request, booking request etc. 

Can I change my notification preferences? 

Always, through your profile preferences menu. 

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