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Quiet, friendly and affordable garden campsites
With over one million live vacation rental listings in 190 countries, we're committed to helping families and friends find the perfect vacation rental to create unforgettable travel experiences together.
Only available in France
Travel is about people. Homestay accommodation connects guests with live-in hosts who open their homes to travelers. Our hosts, in over 150 countries, turn a location into a culture, time into experience and strangers into friends.
City Apartments: Your smart hotel alternative
Find 254,338 short-term vacation rentals worldwide.
Discover the world in a different way!
Discoveer a city with a local guide
Car riding & car sharing platform
Enjoy a city like a local
With TravelCar, drivers can finally rent in a smart way and owners can stop paying parking fees !
Collection car rental only available in France
Dear Startup, if you want to be here : marketing@rockingshare.co
Only in France
Only available in France
Babysitting sharing economy platform
Discover amazing workshops and kitchens in your area. Find the perfect space for your project
My home. Your workspace. Choose from hundreds of homes across London and rent your perfect place to work
Babysitter services available in France
Only in France
Find the perfect help for you and your family in no time!
babysitter service available in France
Babysitting available in France
Babysitting available in France
crowd shipping with friends
Available only in France
Only available in France
Only available in France
Only available in France
The new cooperative mass transit network app
Only available in France
Nimber is a social delivery service where you save the environment, make money and do something nice for other people.
Only available in France
Only available in France
Delivery by trusted and verified* travelers (and commuters). Save shipping costs on your domestic and international shipments (or purchases).
Learn how to live better from the world’s top experts Get Instant Access to 100s of on-demand classes and 1000s of top coaches
Only available in France
Find Vacation Rentals and Short Term Accommodations Worldwide
Find & rent storage and parking space nearby
2000 boats to rent from all over Europe
Stay anywhere in France Cheap.
Only available in France
What's your neighbor cooking?
Available only in France
Skillshare is a global learning community for creators. Anyone can take thousands of online classes or even teach a class themselves.
Only avaliable in France
TaskRabbit allows you to live smarter by connecting you with safe and reliable help in your neighborhood. Outsource your household errands and skilled tasks to trusted people in your community. It’s an old school concept - neighbors helping neighbors - reimagined for today.
Delicious home cooked food at your doorstep
Only available in France
Car sharing for travellers - Airport and railway stations
Rental of self storage spaces between individuals
Only available in France
A new way of sharing: Flight sharing. With Wingly.
Only available in France
Only available in France
Get a smarter loan
Only available in France
Take Lyft for a welcoming, affordable, memorable ride
Only available in France
Better rates. Together.
Unique properties to rent with services all around the world
Only available in France
Available only in France
Connecting humankind. Kindly Talk privately with kind peers, life coaches, and certified wellness experts who want to help you.
Only avalilable in France
Only available in France
Available only in France
Search 65,000+ homes in 150 countries Travel Anywhere. Live Like a Local. Stay for Free.
The world's leading home exchange website
Only available in France and Belgium
Available only in France
Find the perfect vacation rental
Available only in France
Peer-to-peer car rental service in Europe, with full insurance for users.
Available only in France
Only available in France
Delivery services - only available in France
Peer-to-peer yacht charters
Only available in France
Helping students save time, save money and get smarter.
Live experiences offered by locals Book more than 300 authentic activities from local insiders.
Only available in France
Rent a boat everywhere in France. A peer-to-peer service, fun and up to 40% cheaper
Share city-to-city car journeys with a trusted community of 25 million verified members
Travel differently, meet the local communities. Book to stay at locals' for work studies or holidays.
Boats are another way to stay and ideal for when you: - Want a change from hotel rooms - Cannot find traditional accommodation in your destination - Want to experience the boating lifestyle
Rent unique places to stay from local hosts in 190+ countries.
Rentse is a short-term rental platform for businesses and individuals to list, discover and book flexible working places (Workplace-as-a-service).
Rent accommodations for less than a hotel room Short-term accommodation rentals
Hire professional tutors anywhere in the country for in-person (or online) lessons.
The UK's largest car sharing community
Motorhome and campervan hire. Rent from local owners across Europe
Only available in France
Only available in France
Only available in France, Belgium and Switzerland
Travel with pride Rent welcoming & affordable places from people like you in 130+ countries
The world invites you to dinner Book a meal at local homes in more than 60 countries
Find your teacher
Only available in France
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