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In the beginning:
It all started with two contractors and a simple observation: on average, among the million boats in France, very few are used for more than 10 days a year. Maintenance, insurance, mooring:. a boat is expensive, sometimes very expensive with the annual expenses representing, on average, 10% of the price of the boat every year.
It was during their many visits to French ports that Edouard and Jérémy came up with the idea of Click&Boat: a collaborative platform based on sharing and trust, to allow boat owners to earn money, confidently and safely.

The peer to peer yacht charter platform
The principle is simple: owners can create a free listing for their boat by adding pictures, a description, a price, and some advice about the sailing area. Renters can then contact them directly with the Click&Boat messaging service to ask any questions. Owners can access the sailing CV of the renter and can confidently choose the right sailors for their boats.
Renters can choose between several hundred boats in within a sailing area, benefiting from comments from previous renters and can contact the owner to ensure that their planned sailing trip will go off without a hitch. Why not start by searching for a boat?

Find a boat
With Click&Boat, every boat is insured by its owner for peer to peer yacht chartering. We offer owners a day-long insurance service (find out more).

Click&Boat is a real sailing community for enthusiasts who want to share their boat or rent a boat directly from its owner. Thousands already trust Click&Boat, so don't wait any longer: sign up. To help the community to grow, why not share this page and join us on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest).

How it works


1. Create an account

Create an account simply and free of charge. Complete your profile and your sailing CV.

2. Publish your listing

Choose your boat type and complete the appropriate form. To start, click on "Register your boat" (top right). Once you have entered all your information, you can upload your listing and share it with the rest of the community. Enhance it with the best possible photos and a well written description.

3. Manage your bookings

You will soon receive messages from members interested in your boat. Reply promptly and discuss the details of chartering your boat. Once you have discussed the details of the charter, the hirer will make their booking directly via the website by entering their bank details. If you accept the booking, their account will be debited and the booking confirmed. The decision to allow someone to charter your boat is entirely yours, so make sure you check the hirer's sailing CV and ask the relevant questions using the internal messaging service.

4. Meet your hirers

Once the booking has been accepted and confirmed, you will receive all the hirer's contact details (phone number, email address) so you can sort out the last minute practical details (place and time of meeting at the port, signing of the hire contract, pre-charter inventory of fixtures, etc.) and the handover of the keys. Click & Boat will transfer the charter payment to you at the start of the hire period.

5. Rate them

After the charter period, you can rate the hirers (sailing skills, responsibility, pleasantness) to enable other owners to manage their booking requests more easily. So are you converted to peer-to-peer yacht charters?


1. Search for the ideal boat

Check out all the listings using the search engine and dive into the world of travel and exploration.

2. Contact the owner and create an account.

Once you've found the boat of your dreams, contact the owner in writing via the internal messaging service and ask them any questions you might have (how the charter works, availability, etc.). To do that, create an account simply and free of charge then complete your profile, particularly your sailing CV.

3. Book

Once you've checked the availability of the boat, you can book your charter. To do that, authorise the online payment and wait (24 hours maximum) for the owner to accept your booking. If your booking is accepted, your bank account will be debited and you will receive the contact details of the owner of the boat.

4. Handover of the keys

Once your booking has been confirmed by the owner, contact them directly (by phone or email) to agree on the arrangements (times, signature of the contract, pre-charter inventory of fixtures, etc.) for the handover of the keys. Click & Boat only transfers your payment to the owner if the boat corresponds totally to the listing for which you booked.

5. Rate and review your experience

After the charter, review your experience and rate the boat and its owner to enable other hirers to better prepare for their future sea trips. So are you converted to peer-to-peer yacht charters?

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