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Why do you need Flight Sharing?

Do you know there are more than 300.000 private plane pilots in Europe sitting around wanting to fly, but who are not flying because their hobby is too expensive? And guess what: They would be happy to take you for less money than you would think. Have you suddenly discovered that a last minute flight from Paris to Marseille with a commercial airline is 300€? 

Using our system, you can fly on a private plane for much less than that!

What does Wingly offer?

Passengers and Pilots can meet on our platform to share their free seats in a plane. We understand ourselves as matchmaking platform which aims at forming a trusting community in order to bring safety to plane sharing. No matter if you just want to show your love a beautiful view about a romantic landscape, simply want to go from A to B or want to have a last minute trip for business. Wingly provides you all kind of these. On the other side we help the pilots to enjoy their passion with decreasing costs for flying. The more they fly, the better they get and the more fun everybody has.

What you need to be aware of?

Pilots on Wingly will mostly fly with small, light aircrafts. You will not take seat in a big plane as you are used to. Everything is a little bit different but it is still safe. Nevertheless please keep in mind, private aviation is not like commercial aviation. Flights can be cancelled due to bad, stormy weather conditions. They can also be spontaneously cancelled by the pilot as he does not have any obligation to execute this flight if he does not want to. Whenever you take part a flight on Wingly, you confirm the social etiquette for behavior aboard.

How it works

How does Wingly work?

Pilots share free seats

There are more than 300.000 private pilots in Europe. Many of them can not effort their passion as much as they would love to.

With Wingly we make their passion cheaper with sharing the costs of flying. You can benefit from that!

Travel smoother

You had enough traffic jams and train delays in the past?

A car ride from Paris to London takes 6 hrs. Wingly is 3 times faster!

Take a seat in a comfortable aircraft, enjoy the nice view and arrive at your destination without stress.

Step by Step Guide

 - Find a suitable flight: Browse our database of flights and find a flight fitting to your desires.

 - Request a seat: Ask the pilot if he wants to fly with you.

 - Wait for the confirmation: When the pilot accepts your request, you are in!

 - Meetingpoint, be on time: On the day of departure, be at the meetingpoint on time or a little bit sooner. You may also check our Flight Etiquette

 - Welcome aboard!

We wish you a pleasant journey. Follow the pilots instructions and enjoy the flight.

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