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Discover our VizEaters and choose a meal that whets your appetite, like a wine tasting on a Parisian rooftop or homemade pasta in Rome.

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Once you've made your choice, simply book your meal online. You'll be able to talk with your host directly to work out all the details.


It’s time to enjoy! Sit at the table and savor, chit-chat, share… Discover culture from the inside and enjoy an authentic and unique experience!

How it works


What is VizEat?

VizEat is a global community of people who share great meals and unforgettable moments. We connect hosts and guests from all over the world to experience new flavors and meet new people, whether you’re visiting a foreign country or if you’re a local looking to get off the beaten path. If you’re looking to enjoy a new cuisine, perhaps even a new culture and all the associated dishes, then VizEat is for you.

Is it free to sign up on VizEat?

Good news: the best things in life are free! Signing up on VizEat is totally free of charge, whether you register as a host or as a guest.

If you want to host people at your home, all you need is a little bit of time and a dash of imagination to post your unique meal online once you’ve signed up.

If you’d rather be welcomed by one of our hosts, then it only takes a few clicks for you to find a mouthwatering menu that’ll make your first VizEat experience unforgettable!


For Hosts

How can I become a host?

From the VizEat Home Page, click on ‘Become a Host’.

You’ll soon receive a confirmation of your account and then you can go ahead and create your profile.

Next step, suggest a meal to be hosted on VizEat and wait for your first guests to make a booking request.

And the best part: it’s 100% free to post your meals and be a host on VizEat.

Does VizEat take a commission on the price of my meal when I host one?

As a host, you’re free to determine the price of your meal. This amount should include the cost of your ingredients, as well as the amount that you’d like to receive for your hospitality. VizEat takes a 15% commission on top of the rate that you’ve set-meaning it’s the guest who will have to pay this exrra amount.

Can I earn money from VizEat? Is it legal?

It’s perfectly legal to host guests in your home for a meal. The payment you receive is compensation for the time you’ve spent preparing the meal and to cover the costs of the ingredients.

Please consider your country’s tax regulations in respect to the money you earn from hosting guests.

Do I have to define a date for my meal?

To facilitate your the management of your events, you’re welcome to create an event with no date listed. This way, guests who would like to know more about your event will be able to contact you directly to inquire about your availability.

Do I have to define my menu precisely in the description of the meal?

Not at all, you can provide a title for your meal, prepare a few words on the theme you have selected (Brasserie, French Classics, or Asian Fusion etc.) and decide on the precise menu at a later stage.

How can I define a fair price for my meal?

Here’s a great tip: a fair price is dependent on the ingredients in your meal. There are also other ways for you to evaluate a fair price: the time spent preparing the meal, similar experiences in local restaurants, the complexity of the meal, and what other hosts are charging for similar meals on VizEat.

How long can I take before answering a booking request?

Reservations for meals require a response within 24 hours. If more than 24 hours go by, the reservation will be cancelled.

Can I set rules for my home?

You’re welcome to set the rules for your home. You can specify your rules in the General Amenities section. For example, you can easily define rules such as no smoking indoors, attire and so forth. You can also add rules by including them in the description of your meal.

When will I get paid for the meal I hosted?

Your payment will be sent to your bank account the day after the meal. That’s why we ask for your bank details.

Do I have to accept every booking request?

At VizEat, you’re free to accept or deny any booking request-no questions asked.

What if I have to cancel a meal I planned?

VizEat understands that sometimes things come up and you may be required to cancel your event. As a courtesy to us and your guests, we would appreciate it if you would contact us in advance by emailing us at with the word ‘CANCEL’ in the subject of your email.

If you happen to cancel an event 3 times with less than 3 days notice, we reserve the right to revoke your hosting privileges on VizEat.

For Guests

How do I know that the host is a good cook?

There are several ways for you to evaluate the quality of our hosts. Firstly, you’re welcome to take a look at the pictures our hosts post on the website. That’s always a great way to determine their cooking style, and the overall quality of their meal.

We also recommend reading the reviews posted by other VizEaters on our site. Our community of hosts and guests are encouraged to provide feedback on their dining experiences.

Plus, you can always use the instant message system on site. The ‘Contact Me’ button on their profile is great for doing this.

Remember, it’s all about the experience here at VizEat. Our community of food fans gets to share so much more than a meal – it’s an unforgettable VizEat experience!

How long will it take the host to confirm my booking?

We heartily encourage communication between hosts and guests. You can expect to receive communication from your host within 24 hours of your reservation being made.

If you don’t hear back from your host, the reservation will automatically be cancelled.

How do I know who the host is?

There is plenty of information available about your host. This info is provided during the registration process, so you’ll know exactly what their hobbies are and why they love hosting VizEaters.

If you’d like more info, you’re welcome to contact them via our internal messaging system. To do this, simply click on the ‘Contact Me’ button on their profile page.

You will be able to see pictures of your host, including their home, surroundings, meals, and much more. These pictures set the scene so that you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect when you arrive.

We encourage you to read the reviews posted by other VizEaters on their profile pages. Guest reviews are a great resource as they provide greater insight into the experience you can expect.

Remember, you’re eating with your hosts – so the food is always good! Meals are prepared with care and attention as if you’re one of the family.

If you’d like to bring some information to our attention about a specific host, please feel free to contact us at the following email address:

Should a problem be found with a host, you will receive a full refund and we will remove the host from the VizEat community.

When will I receive my booking details and the exact location of my meal?

At VizEat, getting things done quickly and efficiently is one of our top priorities. That’s why the moment that your host confirms your booking, you’ll automatically receive all the details that you need, like his/her address and contact details.

If you’ve made a booking request and don’t receive any followup information from your host, you need to wait for him/her to respond to your reservation. We ask all of our hosts to reply within 48 hours; after this time, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.

Don’t forget that you can’t exchange contact details in VizEat private messages.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

We understand that sometimes things come up, sometimes you have to reschedule and sometimes you may wish to cancel a VizEat reservation.

To make it easy for you, we’ve outlined our guidelines for cancellations as follows:

Cancellations at least 48 hours before the event qualify for a total refund

Cancellations between 24 hours and 48 hours of an event will receive a 50% refund

Cancellations within 24 hours of an event are not eligible for a refund

If you would like to cancel your reservation, please send us an email at

Do I get refund if the host cancels the meal?

Yes you will. If the host encounters a problem, or is unable to prepare the meal, you will be refunded. Or, if you prefer, we’ll do our best to find you an alternative host.

Does VizEat take a commission on the price that I pay for my meal?

If you want to reserve a meal at the home of one of our VizEat hosts, you must pay the rate the host has determined. VizEat takes a commission on top of the fixed price, that will show up when you’re about to pay for your reservation.

So the question we often hear is: why bother going through us? At VizEat, our passion is finding lovely hosts around the world and pairing them up with open-minded travellers. The result is a unique experience, one that gives you peace of mind because it’s facilitated by a relationship based on trust. When you book a meal through VizEat, you’re covered by our free guarantee that insures guests and hosts for up to 100,000 euros. That’s why we charge a commission.

For example, if you want to reserve a brunch in Paris that costs 25 euros, you’ll pay a total of 28 euros and 75 cents.

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