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Presentation, the first online garden camping community in the world, was launched in April 2010 with a big smile and an open invitation to all. As a member of this community you can advertise your own garden as a campsite and/or book accommodation in other members' gardens.

About the gardens…

You will always be guaranteed a unique experience with The gardens on offer vary in standard from "bamping" (basic camping) to "glamping" (glamorous camping), so it is advisable to check what facilities are available at each garden campsite and ask the owner if you are unsure of anything. If you want the simplest corner of a remote country garden, a tiny but strategic city garden, a horticultural paradise with rolling lawns, a thoroughly comfortable fully equipped shepherd's hut or a pitched yurt or bell-tent you'll find it here. The search facility will also help you find places for campervans, caravans and also a few very small commercial setups with special values of privacy and uniqueness.

Our greatest principle is that we don't do crowds!

All of our garden owners have vowed to be open and transparent about what they are offering, including their pricing and the facilities available. Reviews also provide feedback on previous members' camping experiences and can provide a useful insight.

All gardens are offered on a temporary basis, to reflect the fact that promotes short term garden camping breaks. Although in the majority of cases there are no legal restrictions as to the use / number of days a garden can be used as a campsite (providing some of the facilities in the house are used by the campers), suggests that gardens are let for up to a total of 28 days a year for a maximum of up to 2 weeks per stay. Paddocks and other land outside the curtilage of the dwelling house can generally be used for up to 28 days a year without the need to provide any facilities.

However, land in all countries has unique characteristics and rules. Anyone not expert in planning laws or legal requirements should take their own legal advice if they have any concerns.

It is currently free to advertise your garden! However we would be incredibly grateful for your donation to help us pay the hosting and maintenance costs of the website and all the admin connected with this unique service.

About our community…

Each member has a profile page so you can learn more about others within the community, see what gardens they have visited recently and read their reviews.

It is important that we are courteous to garden owners, their neighbours and other members of the community, and that we respect the terms and conditions of using the website and the terms of service of booking.

The better a reputation we can create as a community, the more people will be willing to allow us to use their gardens as temporary campsites.

About the team…

Your main contact at is Clare Fairburn. Clare's been involved since 2012, and believes that we should share our stuff as much as possible. With a 25 year old garden of her own that took loads of work - but which almost nobody ever enjoyed -Clare was one of the early hosts on the site. "I love having visitors here" says Clare. "We all work hard to create and look after our gardens and it seemed such a shame not to share the benefits" The development of the website is by Aaron Russell (amazing website designer) who made the idea a reality.

We want to ensure that you enjoy being a member of the community. See our Frequently asked questions page for more practical info, and if you have any queries, suggestions or complaints then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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